June 11, 2011

Reusable Sandwich Bags

A while ago, I mentioned I’d bought myself a Snack Taxi.

hedgehog snack taxi

I’ve really been liking it, but sometimes I don’t have a chance to clean it out before I need to pack the next lunch. The universe must have noticed my little dilemma, because just a week or so ago, I came across a Groupon for ReUsies. How could I pass this up? So I bought a couple.

green reusie

purple reusie
blue stone reusie 2pack

Sure, if you’re at all crafty, the reusable sandwich bags aren’t hard to make. You can find all sorts of patterns on the internet. As my sewing machine is still packed away at the moment (and my sewing skills questionable at best anyhow), I went ahead and bought the bags.

This one is one of my favorites – I have an apron I made in a “learn how to sew” class made out of the same sushi fabric, and another 3-4 yards of it waiting to become a skirt.

sushi reusie

I love that the bags are all large enough to accomodate a wide range of sizes and shapes of bread. I also love that the bags can go straight into the washer (inside out, and on cold/gentle, please!).

I will admit: I do use plastics to transport some lunch items. I know some of you have switched to glass containers. This is a bad idea for me – I am a wee bit on the clumsy side, I throw everything in my backpack which ends up on the floor and bumped around on the bus, and I work in a small room with lots of little kids in and out all day. Having glass in this sort of situation is just asking for bad things to happen. Plus, I already own the plastic and it’s still in good shape, so there’s no reason to throw it out just yet. So, when I take messy stuff, such as the tuna & miracle whip mix that will become my sandwich, I put the tuna mix in a plastic and the bread in a reusable bag, and just make up the sandwich when it’s time to eat. Sandwiches that are less squishy, like PB&J, goes whole into the bag. I haven’t had any problems wiping the PB&J part off the bags yet, or any issues with them staining. The bags have also been great for crackers and chips. Throw in a cloth napkin, some durable tableware and a reusable water bottle, and you are set!

What do you use for packing your lunch?
What are your favorite lunches to pack?
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  1. These are cute (& functional of course)!!! No sewing machine here (its one of the many things on my "wish list") so I think I'll cheat & buy them....would be perfect for my kids lunches at school!!

    Thanks for sharing, & thanks for stopping by my blog to leave a comment :-)

    You now have yourself a new follower from far away Noodle, Texas :-)

  2. Thank heavens I no longer need to pack lunches; I'm happily retired:)

    They are cute though. I'm just a bit puzzled about your lunches. Tuna sandwiches, PB&J all fine and good sometimes but, it seems to me a really cool bag deserves pretty cool contents too:)

    Thanks for sharing, Wendy...

  3. "PB&J all fine and good sometimes..."? My PB&J is pretty darned cool, thankyouverymuch! I make my own bread and jam, both of which have won ribbons at the state fair! Now if I could just figure out how to get the right consistency for peanut butter at home...

    I do draw the line at fishing for the tuna myself though. ;)

  4. I use Lock & Lock's boxes, which have inner containers to keep things separate. Works well for school lunches, but they're more practical than pretty. Anyway, if you're curious they can be found here: