April 24, 2011

City Repair Earth Day fest follow-up

I’d said I would follow up on some of what I saw at the City Repair Earth Day fest ~

Goat Rental NW The basic idea is that these folks will rent you goats to help clear brush and invasive species from your yard. If your yard looks like mine, you’ll agree that these are good deals. I have no connection or experience with this business – if you have, I’d love to hear about it. I just love the idea of having goats meandering around my yard, taking care of the blackberries and thistles for me. They’ve definitely got good press – read here and here.

Cornerstone Funeral Services & Cremation offers green burial options, including burial without embalming, funeral services at home, and cremation. The website says they also work with organ donation organizations, so you’ll still be able to be an anatomical donor. Again, I have no connection with the business, and I’d love to hear from anyone who has worked with these folks.

I did buy myself a Snack Taxi. It’s a reusable sandwich bag. I’ve been looking for one for a while. I’ve found other similar products, but the ones I’d found were too small for the breads I tend to buy or make, or were made with fabric I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be seen with. Mine has hedgehogs romping around on it. I also bought my husband a Wrap-n-Mat. It’s like a reusable sandwich bag that folds all the way out to a placemat. His is dark blue and has chalk outlines of sharks and fishes all over it. We’re both set and stylin’ now!


  1. Damn, those wraps are too damn cool. And Goat Rental? Pure genius.

    I love how people are getting so creative and fun with saving the earth.

  2. I LOVE that! Goat rental! Goats are so cool, I wish everyone could have a nice fence with a goat in it. They love to dance on cars, if you didn't know. haha

  3. The Snack Taxi is way cool...Gotta run, I know many who will LOVE it!!!

    Thanks for sharing...