April 24, 2011

E-cycling round-up

Utah just passed their e-cycling bill. Go Utah!
HB 153: first fail
HB 102: second fail
SB 184: pass!

New York’s e-scrap program begins too

Will County in Illinois has started an e-scrap program as well. It’s an already existing program, not costing county any money, and the program is now tentatively expanding. Hopefully the program will expand to the whole state soon.

And while it seems everything else in Wisconsin is falling apart, their e-cycling program has not only demonstrated real success, but it’s resulting in more jobs (and lower state fees?) as the programs expand. Check out the 2010 report here.

And South Carolina’s Free E-Cycles Day!

Dell is working with Goodwill to help keep electronics out of landfills.

Meanwhile in the Portland/Metro area - don't forget Free Geek, Best Buy, and Oregon E-cycles when you're ready to recycle your computer, smart phone or other electronic device.

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  1. Best Buy also takes things like vacuum cleaners for recycling - kinda awesome!