April 24, 2011

My day in the sun

A couple of brief notes on yesterday's lovely outdoor event ~

So much sunshine!  Probably the last full day of sun for another few weeks, but hey, it was still sun!

I learned about another e-cycling company in Portland - City Recycle LLC.  It looks like their website is either still under construction or has some bugs.  I haven't personally worked or talked with anyone in the company yet, but it looks worth checking out. According to their website, their focus is on e-cycling (recycling electronics), but they will take metals in general along with paper and cardboard. If you've had experience with City Recycle, let me know!

I saw baby goats!  No bigger than the 2-year old children scampering about. I never did make it over to their booth to find out what the goats were helping promote, but gosh it was fun watching them. And watching people pet them.

I talked with a lady about her eco-friendly burial service. More on that later.

I talked with several people who want to know when Portland will finally get our residential composting program. It's coming, Portland, honest!  They gotta make sure all the bugs are worked out and all the permits are in order. Trust me - it will suck far more to start the program early and then have it taken away because Permit 146Xz12 wasn't signed off properly.

I finally got myself a Snack Taxi. More on that later.

I talked with a couple of people who reallyreallyreally want to garden but they have apartments and don't think they have space for anything. I know there are books out there that specifically address container gardening and gardening in super-small spaces.  I didn't find it till this morning, but now I have something to share with people who rent a single room in a house and don't even have space in the kitchen for a pot. If you have a window, you can grow stuff! Merry Farming!
What are your favorite recommendations for super-small space and container gardening?


  1. Wouldn't it be great for the Be Resourceful table to have books on the topics we talk about at these tables?

    BTW the baby goats were from a lady who rents them out to clear vegetation :)

  2. If only we could predict all the questions we'd be asked at the tables! Maybe when I get my smart phone situated I can at least look stuff up for folks.

    I will definitely be looking up the rent-a-goat outfit. We have a bunch of ivy, blackberry and thistle to clear out, plus most of a year's worth of grass in the backyard that will likely eat the mower.

  3. Wonderful to meet you yesterday, and I am looking forward to reading more of your insightful posts. I appreciate your work in the community.

  4. How kind of you to say! It was good to meet you as well :)