June 12, 2011


Hey all ~

I thought I’d share a recent find. I just discovered Diggerslist. They’re like Craigslist, except for home and yard improvement only. They take posts on everything from lighting to doors to concrete pavers to old tubs to heavy equipment to hand tools. You can buy, sell, find stuff for free or donate items to Habitat for Humanity. You’ll need an account to make your transactions, but accounts are free. What a great way to rehome items from a remodeling job! Or find items for it! I suspect we’ll be looking here first before buying much for the yard. We’ll probably try posting things here before taking them to Goodwill too.

I have no connection to this organization. I just think it’s a spiffy idea


  1. Oh Wendy! This site sounds fabulous! I was just at the Habitat for Humanity store today looking for a skylight and some other "stuff."

    I am so going to check out this link. How can I thank you for sharing...

    Thank you SO much!!!