August 1, 2011

Portland/Metro area: Hazardous Waste Fees

From Metro:

Beginning August 1, 2011, Metro will reinstate the $5 fee to dispose of an average load of household hazardous waste. This $5 fee will be charged per load up to 35 gallons, each additional 35 gallons will be charged an additional $5. Also, additional charges apply for containers larger than 10 gallons. No fee for paint waste covered under Oregon PaintCare program.

Metro is reinstating this fee to help defray the costs of running the household hazardous waste program. It actually costs Metro $54 to properly dispose of an average load brought to a Metro facility.

The free Neighborhood Collection events will continue this year. There is no fee to bring your toxic trash to Metro’s community events. Check out Metro’s Neighborhood Collection Schedule.

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