March 25, 2011

SOLV Spring Beach Cleanup

Already run out of things to do this spring break? Looking for an excuse to hit the Oregon beach? Be part of the all-volunteer SOLV Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup! SOLV (“Sustaining Oregon’s Legacy by Volunteering”) has been organizing volunteer opportunities all across Oregon since 1969 – the beach cleanup project is just one of many projects throughout the year. Other projects include tree planting, Oregon Adopt-a-River and Project Oregon, which removes invasive species from public parks.

The beach cleanup project happens in the spring and the fall, and has been an Oregon tradition since 1984. This year’s spring cleanup is Saturday, March 26th, 10am-1pm.

SOLV asks that you register to volunteer for a particular city and area so they have an idea how many volunteers will be where, and so you’ll be able to connect with the volunteer coordinators for a safety orientation and to get gloves and trash bags (or bring your own!).

Can’t make it this weekend? Live too far from the beach? Check out SOLV’s website for other opportunities. Not sure you are physically capable but still want to help? SOLV could really use your donation. “For every $1.00 donated to SOLV each year since 1997, Oregon has received $10.46 in volunteer service.” How’s that for a positive return?

If you do decide to help out, SOLV offers some tips:

-->Bring a bucket or reusable bag to reduce the amount of plastic trash bags used.
-->Bring a pair of gardening gloves from home instead of using the plastic gloves provided at the Cleanup.
-->Bring a reusable water bottle and/or coffee mug for drinks.
-->Carpool and use public transportation where possible to get to the beach.
-->Plan ahead, and pack a “trash-free” lunch, or choose a restaurant with reusable utensils and ask for drinks without a straw
-->Aim to create zero waste, and send SOLV your stories of efforts to achieve a personal zero waste to landfill day!

Hey, if you decide to go, or if you’ve been in the past, let us know!

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