March 22, 2011

Recycling a bottle: Flashmob style

I couldn't resist sharing this. It's a short video clip.

Recycling a bottle: Flashmob style

My first thought, of course, was "wow, that would scare off more people than it would encourage" (me, I'm reasonably certain I would have piddled myself if I'd been that woman). But it's a neat way to make a point.
My second thought was "so, just how many people passed by before this woman?

-Each year, 671 million kilograms of plastic are produced across the world.
-Each year, 400 million returnable containers are not recycled in Quebec
-About 18,000 pieces of plastic are floating in each square kilometer of ocean
-91% of Quebecois care about the environment. And you?
(my apologies for the lack of accent marks - I haven't yet figured out how to do those here just yet)


  1. OK, that was awesome. And she handled it really well!

  2. Ditto! I actually got offered a job once for doing almost the same thing. It's my compulsiveness I think:)

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. I may just need to share this with my blog visitors.

  3. umm...was there supposed to be a link to a video in this post cuz i'm not seeing it...?

  4. Sorry about that. I made a small formatting correction, and it took the link out completely. Thanks for saying something.

  5. I think the idea of this blog is great. Good luck with spreading the word :)


  6. You are right I think I would have been a little freaked out, but she handled it beautifully and the idea was really neat!