January 20, 2011

Redecorating - Painting

I'm planning to paint the upstairs bathroom. It's currently a... significant shade of yellow. I'm thinking something much more subdued, something more relaxing. I've always wanted a 'pale seafoam-ish green' bathroom. For what it's worth, the fixtures are white, and the very short hallway leading to the bathroom is a kind of eggplant-ish purple. Inside the bathroom is pretty good electric lighting, with indirect but no direct sunlight.  I'm thinking some form of Seashell mixed with Light Green.

Looking through the website, I was pleased to discover that I wouldn't have to trek out to the Metro Paint store to get it - there are several locations throughout the Metro area, including several Fred Meyer stores and a few Miller Paint stores.  I'll be able to pick it up on my way home from work!

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  1. Thanks for adding the badge to your site! Last year was my first year composting (1st year as a homeowner) so I look forward to reading your blog -Andi