January 18, 2011

Fun stuff

Trying to do my share to help the environment, I set up a trash basket at my church and posted above it this suggestion: "Empty water bottles here."
I should have been a little more specific, because when I went to check it later, I didn't find any bottles in it. But it was full of water.
– Mahmood Jawaid

I took a beer bottle to the recycling center, but they wouldn't take it.
They said: "This is the pint of no return."

In Seattle, where seemingly everyone is an environmentalist, I saw the following sign outside the fron of a Safeway grocery store:
"Sale! 100% RECYCLED Compost"
...and to think of the resources I've been wasting by buying the non-recycled stuff!

What did the recycling guy say to the newspaper?
“If you’re recycled properly, you could make a bundle!”

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