May 28, 2011

Zipcar errands, block styrofoam and household hazardous waste

Yesterday was quite a day. It was one of the few days Mr. Trashmaster and I have off work together that doesn't involve one of us taking a sick day (he’s got a wacky work week that doesn’t much match up with my work week). We keep talking about how "there's so much we could get done if we just had a day off together once in a while!" Today was that day.

We both got to sleep in. An awesome start right there. We also *didn't* get distracted by having a long involved breakfast - we got right to doing errands. Go, us!

We rented a Zipcar truck for errands. We have only occasional need for a truck, and Mr. Trashmaster figured out that even if we found a $500 truck, we’d still likely have to put $1000 on it in maintenance before the year as out, plus we’d have to insure it and feed it gas. Going through Zipcar costs us about $85 to join and not quite $8/hour or $71 per day. Not bad when we really only need a truck a handful of times a year and for about 3-4 hours each time.
While he picked up the truck, I finished putting bunches of cardboard down on the garden paths – I posted about this just recently. I started some laundry too.

We took household hazardous waste out to the Metro South material transfer station (as it was closer to everything we were doing than Metro Central).  That was mostly old paint, old cleaning fluids we don't use anymore, old lawn fertilizer, and some bottles missing labels - stuff you don't want going down the drain into the water table!

We took a bunch of block styrofoam to the Recology facility on Foster Road. We also took bunch of stuff to Goodwill including stuff for e-cycling. We were going to take the computer parts to Free Geek, but it was all sitting uncovered in the back of the pickup, and the rain was moving in fast. Goodwill can sell the usable computer parts and e-cycle the rest.

Holy smokes, we took care of our errands all in one go! Last, off to dim sum, followed by hard-earned naps with a side order of cats!


  1. You guys are MIGHTY in your recycling. \o/

  2. We have a long way to go, but we definitely have our moments!

  3. Well, well, you guys don't fool around, do ya? Curious about Zipcar must look into it. Cardboard on the garden path? Must check that too!!!

    Thanks for sharing, "Mrs. Trashmaster"

  4. We don't have days like this often, but when we do, watch out!