March 27, 2011

TMR: Now comes in Facebook flavor too!

Can't get enough reducing/reusing/recycling news?  Check out TMR's shiny new Facebook page!


  1. I may just need to reconsider FB.

    Just call me "worms on order" cause I'm really digging in to composting this year. I asked Katie's boys to dig me up some worms to activate my endeavors. Your give-away looks GREAT but I think I'll pass this time. Thanks for offering it. Drop by and see the greenhouse post I did. I think you'll like it.

  2. Whoops! I just realized you saw it, silly me...Drop by anytime, anyway:)

    I'm going to add your give-away link to that post!!!

  3. Thanks for the link, ~~louise~~! Muchly appreciated :)