March 7, 2011

Pardon me while my brain explodes...

Pardon me while

plastic wrap banana 2

I am
individually wrapped prunes

shrink wrapped cucumber

by all
shrink wrapped potato

the packaging
shrink wrapped sweet potato

shrink wrapped corn

I suppose having some fruit & veg is better than none, but seriously?  Is this what it takes to get these foods to your area?  Do you really need them this spiffed up, polished and shiny? Honestly, I'm gonna scrub the potatoes right before using them anyway, however they make it to my kitchen. So hermetically sealing them for my protection really doesn't accomplish much except for the ENORMOUS waste involved in (a) the plastic wrap itself and (b) the total energy spent wrapping the things.


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  1. Ahhh! I HATE individually wrapped produce items. Those kiwis are particularly strange-looking.

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting my site. I feel your pain on the plastic packaging! I also can't stand watching people use plastic bags at the grocery store. So painful...

  3. Not even counting the waste, who would want to wrestle shrink wrap off of a fruit? That stuff is not easy to handle? I don't get it.

  4. this is precisely what bewilders me.... instead of getting better things are getting more ridiculous.
    please visit a petition I have just started - the aim is to reduce the use of plastic bags and wrappings in the USA and in EU... the petition will be submitted to the EU Parliament and the White House - both have petition websites.

    No 2 Plastic Pollution Petition

  5. Hey.. this is exactly whatI do not understand, things are getting more and more ridiculous and the photos you posted capture this.

    I have started a petition to curtail the use of plastic (bags, wrapping, packaging) in Europe and the USA. The petition will be submitted to the EU Parliament and the White House - both have their own petition submission website.

    please visit the page

    Thanks for you support.

    No 2 Plastic Pollution Petition