January 9, 2011

Blog post, the first

I'm Wendy, but here I prefer the title "Trashmaster46".  It sounds all superhero-ish.
I'm taking the Master Recycler & Composting certification program through Metro in Portland, OR, and I'm part of the 46th class offered through my region. I decided that in a town where recycling is a contact sport, I didn't just want to be on the winning team, I wanted to help coach.

This blog is to share whats, whys, hows and more on reducing, reusing and recycling.  It's hard to know right at the beginning exactly how a process such as an informational blog will really go. My plan is to talk about the class itself including how it works and what I'm learning from it, my adventures as I do my 30 hours of volunteer payback as part of the program, post about events in the Portland area, share information and materials already out there, and invite some folks to share their expertise as well. I hope you'll join me as I learn more about The Three Rs and as I learn to incorporate them in my daily life.

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